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KICK Kitchen is a food plan designed to help you live a healthy lifestyle, our plan is easy to maintain and is not a fad diet or a quick fix. The plan is a lifestyle change that will have you making healthier choices and feeling incredible. 

KICK Kitchen has been created from an Ayurvedic food practice so it is very different from what we all are used to but making a change and learning new really helps us from both a body and mind positioning.

Many of my clients and their partners and friends have embarked on this food plan, stuck to it for a small while, felt the results then adapted their regular diet to this program. 

Feeling fabulous and light, being in control and understanding our daily food habits is tough, this is tough but will make you feel a whole lot better.

You can embark on this without the training, one step at a time, sort a few issues out, lose some weight, create some new daily rituals and start to feel some energy come back and clarity for the next bit.

Training a KICK 4 Minute Round every day will aid progression so if you're feeling up for it get yourself involved in KICK YIN FLOW - Balance the Body and Calm the Mind.

This method has really helped clients with gut issues and weight issues , our HEALTH is so vital for vitality.